TYPO Webapp

May 2014


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My very first conference

Wednesday, May 14th — I was packing my last things for my trip to Berlin. TYPO would be my first design conference I'd visit, as a design conference virgin I was a bit nervous. Continuous debates about wether I should bring my laptop or shouldn’t, bring 2 tablets (no idea why that would be even useful) or only bring the nicer one (the iPad of course) and so on.

My plane left at 6 AM in Düsseldorf, my alarm clock would wake me at 3 AM and the plan was to be asleep by 10 PM. Didn't happen, of course.

There was no app

TYPO had a website and distributed a PDF, both were great on desktop and my iPad but mobile was a downside. I dropped everything I was doing and created a webapp with its core function to simply show the schedule.