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May 2014

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Fraiche is a local, non-profit party and concerthall In late 2013 I joined Fraiche to fulfill design and internet related projects. The greatness of creating for such organizations is that there are no constraints, it’s an opportunity to experiment with new things.

Below my first work for Fraiche, simply put: “Watch your drink”.

Watch your drink


Early January 2014 we started a new party concept with a small team, named “LEGACY”.
LEGACY Fraiche Team

With great help of Bram Vandeberg I created the branding for this concept. As I mentioned before, non-profit projects let you experiment. This gave me an opportunity to create an app, something I wanted to do forever, but never found the proper occasion.
Branding LEGACY Fraiche

So, what did it do?

The app was simple, it’s just a timetable with a pointer that automatically updates the further time goes. Since I only write web-languages properly I wrote that app with those and compiled it to an app with PhoneGap.

As a web developer, there’s so much to learn from app development. Web developers tend to code experimental; “If it doesn’t work that way I’ll quickly update the code, keep calm”. The first Play Store edition freaked me out, bugs. Luckily Google’s app store updates almost instantly. The mobile platform is interesting, really interesting. We will meet again.