Unclutter your phone

Six dots. I had 6 pages on my homescreen, there where so many apps on my iPhone and I couldn’t delete a single one. All apps appeared to have some emotional value to me — “I use that app each time I’m on a festival” or “I installed it and I’m waiting for the next update”. It’s tough.

Since I installed iOS 7.1 my battery life began to suffer, big time. I asked the forums, a clean install was the only way to fix this.

I could just wait for Apple to release an update, but I saw this as an opportunity.

After my clean install, all contacts, calendars and settings where synced over iCloud, the only thing missing were my Apps. I loved it. My iPhone was uncluttered again.

From now on I won’t be browsing through the App Store no more, looking for cool Apps. I’ll only download an app if I need it at that moment.