TYPO 2014: Roots

Wednesday, May 14th — I was packing my last things for my trip to Berlin. TYPO would be my first design conference I'd visit, as a design conference virgin I was a bit nervous. Continuous debates about wether I should bring my laptop or shouldn’t, bring 2 tablets (no idea why that would be even useful) or only bring the nicer one (the iPad of course) and so on.

My plane left at 6 AM in Düsseldorf, my alarm clock would wake me at 3 AM and the plan was to be asleep by 10 PM. Didn't happen, of course. I had this idea of building a little webapp for the conference with its core function to simply show the schedule.

The webapp made it, much sleep didn't. No problem at all, since I was so excited I probably couldn’t sleep anyway.

I was blown away by how big it was. 1700 Attendees, visualize that. I’ve never seen that many designers in one place. The conference speakers blew me away with their knowledge. All those things design school doesn't teach you were right there. The goodies were so cool, TYPO Night was an amazing experience (loved Pixels of Fury) and I never saw such great organization.

Thank you TYPO. Auf Wiedersehen.