Today I turned 20 and decided to write about it. By the time I'm 21, I’ll probably disgust this post.

Nineteen has been good to me, I've been working for many clients and spent the best of it recklessly. I grew something that looks like a beard and yesterday I discovered 3 hairs on my chest. My girlfriend made it through the fourth year with me and she's still happy with it. I'm probably becoming an adult.

All I ever wanted was a 100 million dollars and a bad bitch – Rick Ross

Half of these street dreams is achieved, however I still need a couple of millions

I started improving both physically and mentally. I signed up for the local gym and started reading books like "How to make friends and influence people". Oh shit, that made me sound like a psychopath.

Today I launch my personal website after years of struggling with the most horrible boss in the world; me. Sending internship requests made me launch this bad boy. A gift to myself and a great start of being 20.

Cheers, PM me if you made it to the bottom line, we should grab drinks and celebrate.

About the website: I’m adding things (especially works, expect more in the coming weeks).