Review: Puurco iPad Case

Last december I bought myself an early christmas gift; a retina iPad Mini. After having an iPad 2 for three years and being spoiled by the display of my iPhone 5 and retina MacBook Pro, I wanted a retina iPad.

No case, please

I hate cases, they ruin the beautiful aesthetics. I’ve been using my iPhone 5 for about a year and a half without a case, however the iPad’s screen is bigger and therefore more fragile.

Smart covers are fine. When I’m tired of the cover I can just rip it off. However, since my iPad isn’t a couch device (my iPad travels a lot) I needed something to protect the back of it.

I bought a transparant hard shell with my iPad and removed it almost daily once I got home. The hard shell lasted for about one month.

A sleeve seemed to be the best alternative, it’s only present when I need it, where I need it. After Googling for the nicest sleeve I stranded at Puurco.

The packaging

The child in me took over, I was waiting for the mailman. Once he arrived, he delivered this beautiful package.


It contained a lovely handwritten “thank you” note on uncoated paper, giving the package an even more premium an ecological feel. The package was closed with a nice, classic sealing wax.

The case

The actual case is nicely finished and uses great materials (the leather feels really great).

I’m in love with the subtle red finish in the right upper corner. It’s extremely minimal, but gives the case personality.

A few cons:
- An iPad Mini with a smart cover on it doesn’t fit (buying the iPad Air case gives you an size option “iPad Air with smart cover”)
- It has a metal logo attached to its front, so you can’t lay your iPad on the front of the case without getting scratches

Puurco case with iPad
Puurco case with iPad

Should I buy it?

Definitely. They’ve got cases for all Apple products and popular Android devices.
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